Discover History

In the mid 1700’s the area of Port Jefferson where Nada is moored, and Setauket, the village to the west, was pivotal to the success of the American Revolution. The people of the area were forced to either support the rule of Britain in what they hoped would become “New Yorkshire” or be Patriots to the cause of the American Revolution and independence.

In June we will be conducting “Living History” immersion events aimed at recreating the issues and emotions of the people of the time. The crew will board Nada in the evening where we will have old books and maps for discussion. We will explore the politics of the day, the lives of the local people, the piracy and why it was taking place, and the clandestine work of the Culpepper Spy RIng.

Lively discussion of the issues will be encouraged followed by a traditional meal from the 1700’s by lamp light and a night on the boat.

At dawn the next morning we will weigh anchor and sail to a location on a historic map suitable for anchoring and sending out a shore crew to Setauket. The crew will make their way by map to a secret location to pick up a coded message, return to Nada and set sail for Black Rock in Connecticut following the route of Captain Caleb Brewster. Once in Black Rock we will again anchor and go ashore to another secret location where the message will be decoded. We will then return to Long Island to complete the adventure.