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Long Island Sound has been designated an “estuary of National Significance” by the US Congress. It is home to some 1,200 species of invertebrates, 170 species of fish, and has dozens of species of migratory birds visit each year. Just a few miles off our south shore is the Atlantic Gulf Stream with its warm waters and multitude of marine mammals.

Long Island is also home to over 7.5 Million people which places a tremendous strain on the ecology. The marine environment is critical to our existence on earth, and we are developing programs that leverage the unique platform provided by Nada to explore how we can better live in harmony with our environment.

We participate in the Global Seafarer study of marine phytoplankton Secchi Disk program and operate our voyages carbon neutral by planting 1 tree for every 2 hours that our diesel engine must run to offset our carbon footprint.0518150751_resized